Bringing 3rd Party functionality to your website

There are a number of options to bring in functionality and information from 3rd Party websites. We build / install a widget into your website and it automatically adds information or functionality.

Why add widgets?

Keeping websites up to date is a time consuming exercise, so widgets which automate some of that work are a cheap way of bringing the website alive and keeping it fresh for visitors who return. Having your social media content always up to date, seeing the latest customer reviews or finding an easy way for customers to contact you all help to mean that you don't need to be doing that updating!

Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, TikTok or combined feeds. Stylish ways of automatically integrating your social media content and keeping the website fresh.


Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Etsy, Airbnb, eBay and other reviews can be brought dynamically into your website, list them individually, jointly or give your viewer the option to filter.

Contact platforms

WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Discord, or a combined platform to allow your visitors to contact you easily through their chat platform of choice.

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