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Web coding is at the heart of our daily work. We have been running this company for over 15 years and have a coding track-record stretching back over 33 years to the early days of computers. Where most web companies ask what design you would like, we go further - your business growth is key to any conversation, if you are spending money with us you must make more back, our work will help you take your company forwards. We combine our extensive business start-up and growth experience with our knowledge of website coding to build the website you need.

We can help young companies with their first steps, simple clean, professional and focused websites establish the brand they desire. As they grow, we can give them control over their website with content management systems designed by us to be easy to use and clever in how they work. As the business scales up we can help make that easy by taking the business' processes online allowing the company to scale faster with less additional staff.

Every one of our clients is different in their needs, we share a little about what we do below, but do contact us for a personal chat with no committment.

Static websites

Designtoo can build your website
A simple introduction to the web, from a clean holding page to a complete website.

A static website is simply one where information is the same for all who view it, where we code it and add the content for you. For those with simple needs, or who rarely need to update content this is the cheapest method of having a smart professional appearance online.

A good example of a holding page is here: August Farms B&B In one simple page it gives the right feel / tone for the property, some good clear photos, essential details and the contact details.

A more detailed site will cover all you need to run your business: Kelmscott B&B shows an equivalent business taking advantage of a more comprehensive website to really sell their business.

Content mangement systems (CMS)

Designtoo develops it's own CMS - Flarebox
A CMS places the non-technical business owner in control of their own website.

Where a business has frequent needs to update their website it is not cost-efficient to pay every time a change is required. It is then that a CMS makes sense, you pay a bit more up front for the CMS software to save money each year by making your own changes.

We can work with many different CMS systems, but will usually use Flarebox (coded by us) as it has been designed to be very user-friendly for those with little technical knowledge.There are a range of standard modules, and we add in bespoke modules for clients where necessary. At its simplest you can manage the text, photos, videos - a more sophisticated setup will allow you to manage bespoke information, or internal processes. A good example is: Frontiers Iceland

Online Processes & Platforms

Designtoo is expert at putting processes online
Growing a business online is simply a matter of bringing together the business' processes and the online space.

Our speciality is understanding business growth and how it works online, while we will happily build simple websites, we will always be looking to see if we can add in processes from your business to help you grow. This might be as simple as automated communication with your market / customers, to systems that build data online for you and add value.

At a simple level we will build processes into your normal website - at a more sophisticated level we build complete platforms allowing you to run your business online. We have 33+ years of platform coding experience and regularly now build process based business systems, saving staff costs, and enabling faster growth.


Designtoo can help you build your ecommerce store
Take your shop online, minimal costs & an international market.

eCommerce is often misunderstood. It need not be expensive, but equally it is not an instant money-maker. The coding, security, processes, systems for eCommerce are now very complex so we tend to use Saas or online systems to build eCommerce stores. This allows a business to buy in very cheaply (after setup costs the running costs may only be £20-£50 per month), the software comes with all the options you might need to run a successful business online, and will be scalable as your business grows. The look and feel can be skinned to suit your brand.

However, building the store is only the start, more than any other business, an eCommerce system is built based on an online market and transactions, just building the store does very little - it is necessary to then start the hard work and get people through the door - lots of marketing.

Online Booking System

Designtoo is expert at putting processes online
Integrate powerful booking systems to simplify reservations.

Adding in a system such as Planyo or SimplyBook to manage booking processes enables you to offer fully managed reservations. Integrated with your website and connected to other portals in real time means you can capture bookings without risk of duplication.

See how it works here: Fairford Airshow Camping.

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