Using VRBO for your rental property

The rebranded version of Home Away and now owned by Expedia, VRBO is one the main booking systems for rental properties. Using their portal places your property in front of millions of people looking to rent, they provide the booking system and handle payments

Reservation calendar for your property.

Online discounts.

Fast payment - as soon as check-in takes place.

Manage via PC or phone.

Calendar Sync.

Integration with other systems.

VRBO lets you manage the rental of your property, setting when it is available and the rates for rental. Easy management and the ability to integrate with other systems makes it a flexible choice. Calendar sync lets you mix and match the systems you use and the ability to manually control the detail allows you to choose when and how your property is rented.

  • Why do I need you to help me?
  • Can I run the system, or do you run it for me?
  • Is it very complicated to run a VRBO system?
  • Can VRBO be made more bespoke?
  • Is there a limit to VRBO?
You might not! VRBO is a very well built system, and you may find that their help documents are all you need to get going. However, it is also potentially complex in its very flexibility, how it integrates with other platforms, and working out how the rules interact can be tricky. We have experience of setting it up for a wide range of properties and can make the whole process much easier.
Every VRBO system is different once installed. We are very happy to work with you as much or as little as you would like, so we can fully administer the system for you, or set it up and let you run it. Generally we find that the best balance is where we do the setup and technical bits and you run the administrative side.
No. If it is properly set up then a lot of the logic is automated, ResDiary takes the bookings for you, and sends out confirmation emails etc. If you choose to integrate with other systems, then you can extend its functionality. There is a good admin system in ResDiary to manage the information, and a mobile app to manage it all on the move.
Potentially - they have historically had an ability to connect to their systems over an API, however increasingly they want you to see them as providing the complete solution, so third-party connections are not actively encouraged.
Yes. It is a good system that will allow you to manage the rental of your property, however it has limitations, especially if you need a more bespoke solution, and for some people a solution written to meet their specific needs can make sense. Equally we can put in more generic booking systems which allow you equal control but where you don't pay the same level of commission to the host website.

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