SEO and getting people to engage

The Holy Grail of business online, and also the Snake Oil sold by many companies as a service guaranteed to get you to the top of Google. We take a slightly different approach and split it into two:

SEO - onsite (actual optimisation).

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and at is heart it is about optimising your website to make it easier for Google / Bing / others to place you higher up the rankings.

Whether it is image optimisation, or how the content is laid out, including oGraph information for Facebook and Twitter, or making sure that the Meta data is correct, this work is about what takes place on your website. It is totally in your control and there are standard tasks which will help achieve those goals. We can use testers from the likes of Google and Facebook to validate what is needed and achieved.

SEO Offsite - or marketing!

The biggest influence on how a search engine sees you doesn't come from what you can do on your own website, but how they analyse the way the rest of the internet sees you... so the hardest work, but most productive, comes from how you build your reputation online but outside your website.

At a simple level it means having your social media working for you, but it is more detailed and more complicated than that - ultimately it is how Google sees you elsewhere, so writing guest blog posts / industry articles / persuading others to link to you / getting news stories out and active - all play their part in this world of SEO / PR / Marketing. It is never the same for any two businesses, so we work with you to build your bespoke approach, it will be hard work, but it can be very rewarding.

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