Using Planyo for your bookings

Planyo is an international cloud-based booking or reservation system for resources you own - you might use it to rent out your holiday cottage, hotel rooms or sports facility. Easy to get started and sophisticated enough to grow with you. We are a recognised Planyo Expert - one of only a few worldwide. See us listed on their website: We can help you with your Planyo installation, we do the hard and complicated bits and leave you with the easy administration.

Booking calendars for your property.

Tickets for your event.

Reservation for your resources.

Over 70 payment gateways.

Customer reviews.

Integration with 100s of other systems.

Planyo is a very flexible system which allows you to commercialise your assets. In that power and flexibility can also lie complexity - with 100s of variables and options in how you set up Planyo, it can soon become complicated. That is where we can help you, our experience with Planyo, coding skills and understanding of how businesses run lets us help you grow your business online with Planyo at the heart of your website.

  • Why do I need you to help me?
  • Can I run the system, or do you run it for me?
  • Is it very complicated to run a Planyo system?
  • Can Planyo be made more bespoke?
  • Is there a limit to Planyo?
You might not! Planyo is a very well built system, and you may find that their help documents are all you need to get going. However, it is also potentially complex in its very flexibility, so working out how the rules interact can be tricky. We have experience of setting it up for a wide range of businesses and can make the whole process much easier.
Every Planyo system is different once installed. We are very happy to work with you as much or as little as you would like, so we can fully administer the system for you, or set it up and let you run it. Generally we find that the best balance is where we do the setup and technical bits and you run the administrative side.
No. If it is properly set up then a lot of the logic is automated, Planyo takes the bookings for you, and sends out confirmation emails etc. If you choose to integrate with other systems, then you can even automate customer surveys and other processes. There is a good admin system in Planyo to manage the information, and a mobile app to manage it all on the move.
Yes. The standard Planyo setup is created by building rules in Planyo and then embedding a widget into your website, however, Planyo has an API which allows us to get your website to talk to your Planyo account in a more bespoke way, giving us more flexibility about how we can integrate it into your website.

We have used this to run custom pricing schemes - where the pricing is based on an external database and then we write the logic to calculate the price Planyo passes our code the number of people and the reservation parameters, we use that to look up and calculate bespoke pricing, and then hand back the information to Planyo.

We have written external reporting systems, extracting information from Planyo, using that data to build bespoke reports and then providing a management panel to view the reports.

The Planyo API is flexible and wide-ranging, using Planyo to manage the booking, we can add much more around the outside.
Yes. Planyo is a very strong and powerful system in managing resources and allowing them to be booked by a client, whether you run tours, rent out cars, own a hotel or holiday house the core concept is a time based resource booking system and it is very good at doing that. However, if your needs are more complicated, or more bespoke, then it is possible that Planyo may not be the right solution. But don't worry, we have experience in building semi-bespoke systems (c.f. above ref. the Planyo API), and fully bespoke systems as well, so let's chat about your needs and see what the right solution might be...

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