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Building a company brand or website is like building a shop in a field - it is all shiny and exciting, but no-one turns up. Once your website is live, the important work begins - marketing. Online marketing is not complicated, (it is very similar to the old fashioned methods - find the people and tell them) but it is more confusing - where do you spend your time and money, how do you pitch conversations with your market / customers, how do you push them through each stage, from awareness, to interest, to committment... We can help you with each step of this, have a read below to understand a little of what we do, then give us a call to chat through how we can help.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Designtoo can help you with your SEO
SEO is all about how humans search online.

Google transformed the world of search by starting to apply algorithms to how they index websites and how they display those results. There are many companies offering SEO services, however there is a risk in 'gaming the system' - instead we understand what Google (and other search engines) are looking for, we build websites they like and we can then build your presence online to help search engines understand that your website is a good match for your keywords.

It starts with understanding how the website flows, the importance of the words you use and how it is laid out on screen. Once the website is live we then focus on how others link to you, the context, relevance and value of those links, and how they help build your presence online - all with an understanding of what this means to the search engines.

Social Media

Designtoo can help you with your social media
Social Media is the heartbeat of the internet - where people meet, your business needs to be present.

Social Media is changing every day, with new websites and apps, and the fashion leaders moving from one technology to another. However there are key places where you need a presence, for some, Facebook is a vital forum for discussion with clients and market, for others, simply a distraction which can give a negative impression of your business... and so for each area of social media. We match your business, market and aspirations to how you use social media

We can help build your social media strategy, support you in your interaction with clients, or simply remove the burden from your shoulders and run your social media for you.


Designtoo can help you with your video needs
The second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube - video has the quickest and longest lasting impact of any online media.

We live in a world of quick snippets / fast moving action / noise, animation, humour and impact - video is now a major part of the online experience. YouTube revolutionised video online, Vimeo made it professional, Vine made it sharp and focused - whichever platform you choose, video is now an essential part of your online presence.

We use video for a range of functions, from product reviews to showing a building or destination. Video is used online and offline, may come from your mobile phone, or be professionally produced. We have access to some of the top film-makers and video companies, we can script a shoot or simply help you improve your own in-house work.


Designtoo can help you produce professional photos
More photos are taken every minute than in the first 100 years of photography. And billions are uploaded every month.

Photos are the life blood of the internet, yet the vast majority are amateur, badly composed and even out of focus! Your brand is linked to the quality of the photos you use - a website with bad photos suggests an amateurish business, professional photos reinforce the quality of what you offer.

Stock photos are now of high quality and very cheap (we use them on this website to show you what is available!), or where the photos must reflect you, or your products then a professional shoot transforms the look and feel of your business. With over 33 years of photography experience, we can take photos for you or advise you on how to improve the ones you take, we can arrange studio shoots, or supply photographers for on-site shoots.

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