Design Services

Design is traditionally graphics and text used for print. It now goes much wider with the online world expanding how it is used and so it plays an important part in the work we do. There are a range of options - for brand and corporate design we create it from scratch, for websites there are more options - to save costs there are a range of suitable templates which can be used and customised - or we can build bespoke designs specifically for you.

Brand / Artwork

Designtoo can offer help with your brand
The first point of contact with your company is your brand - logo / colour / font / design.

We work with companies to build their brand so that it makes the right statement about their values and positions them correctly in their market. We can work with the current brand and make it fresh, or start from the beginning.

We provide options for your website, we can use a modern template and customise it to suit you (to save money), or we can build a bespoke design exactly the way you want.

Designs are fluid and modern, working on all devices and encouraging your clients to build a relationship with your company.


Designtoo can offer help with your print
Design continues offline - stationery and brochures, marketing flyers and adverts.

While a lot of attention is now focused online, it is still important to maintain your brand offline. We have considerable experience in print design, producing substantial brochures, flyers, and office stationery.

Business cards and letterhead paper give an instant professional feel, and the artwork can be used electronically as well.

Flyers, adverts and marketing material; promotional giftware or clothing and exhibition material - all helps to promote your business.

Psychology of design

Designtoo can offer help with the psychology of your design
Good design understands the customer and leads them in a growing relationship with the business.

Design is not just about how things look - it is deeper and more intelligent than that. From the way it helps or hinders the customer, to subtle hints which pass across the message you want, good design is more than just colour and photos - the structure on screen or paper guides the eye to where you want focus. Understanding the psychology of design makes sure that the work we do is as effective as possible in helping grow your business.

We work with you to understand the key triggers for your customers, they are then built into everything we do - text is structured, wording chosen, photos and colours selected to push the customer in the direction desired.

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