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We are living in an time when those running companies often didn't grow up with computers, yet it is now essential for businesses to fully embrace them, and especially more recent online developments from how their customers use their website to social media / forums / eCommerce etc. At Designtoo we have been using computers since the 1980s, we have built computers, coded websites and generally helped our customers for 30+ years


At the same time, we have considerable experience of running companies, between us we have set up a number of new companies, sold them, gained VC investment, run eCommerce companies, been involved in R&D and manufacturing and set up a number of charities. We have acted as business and management consultants in every size business from lifestyle start-ups to top 30 multi-nationals.


This unique combination of skills and experience allows us to help our clients grow their business, at a simple level we can help with websites, brand and marketing, but at a more complex level we have experience of helping restructure companies, build strategy, develop eCommerce, and enable companies to grow to the next stage.

A Boutique solution

Designtoo can offer help with your brand
We bring big business skills and experience at small company prices.

Most small businesses are nervous about using consultants fearing vast bills and grandiose solutions. It couldn't be further from the truth, we charge under half the rate of a typical London firm and we tailor our advice to suit you and your business. We are a boutique company nurturing our clients.

Small businesses have many different forms, and as many different aspirations, the work we do brings together your aspiration with your market and your company to help you grow.

Everything we do is tailored to suit you and help you and your business grow - we are here to enable you.


Designtoo can offer help with your print
Everyone is different, we want to grow you & your business

Our long term goal is to enable our clients to run their business as efficiently and successfully as possible, to achieve that we will help you where needed, and where possible we transfer skills so that your business can take on more internally, we are happy to do as much or as little as is needed.

So, we don't tie you in, we help you to do work we could do - a strange business model for us perhaps, but the more we can help our clients grow, the more successful they become, the more work there is for us, so it works well.

When it comes to your work we DO / we SUPPORT / we ENABLE.

An Integrated Partnership

Designtoo can offer help with the psychology of your design
We help our clients in the best way for them.

Sometimes our work is minimal, at other times we run complex projects for our clients; but there are also times when we become more involved. We have a track record at board level and have helped on a short or long term basis as Finance Director / Operations Director / Digital (IT) Director and as Non-Exec. Director (NED), especially with a digital emphasis.

We have held equity stakes in a client's business, or worked on an hourly / daily rate; we are very flexible we can help out short term, or become a more established part of a business.

Why not chat to us and let's look at how we can work together to grow your business.

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