Automating your bookings

Taking your business processes online is a quick way of saving costs and allowing your business to run more smoothly. Clients prefer a system they can control, and by placing the booking process into their control you are more likely to make sales.

Cloud Systems

If your business has simple processes which are repeated many times, then cloud based systems can be a very cheap way of offering online booking. A cloud system works by providing the same code to all who use it - ideal for the straightforward, where your business is similar to many others - effectively you are sharing the cost of the code.

Every system will have its way of working, and may have benefits and compromises. We are happy to help you to set up and install any cloud booking system, and to work with you to look at the system that best fits your business.

Typical examples: Restaurants, B&B, holiday lets, camp sites etc. Click below to see some of the systems we use

Bespoke Systems

Not all businesses run the same way, so where you have specific needs or processes that make your business unique, then a standard cloud system may not be the right answer. There is still an opportunity to save time and money with a booking system, but the approach may have to be different.

Integrating your websites and its processes with a 3rd party cloud booking system can be possible, it can allow you to minimise the bespoke work you need, while taking advantage of the standard cloud-based processes.

A totally bespoke system can also be built - whether a simple set of processes, or a sophisticated all-company move to the web, we are able to help work out what you need, help you focus on the priorities and then build the solution.

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